Future Masters: How the tournament prepares, handles severe weather


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Young golfers compete in the Future Masters Tournament all week with one goal in mind — to become the champion of their division. But, not only are they battling their opponents, they can battle mother nature as well.

“Players tee off at 6:30 a.m. all the way to 2 p.m. Safety is the foremost concern you can always come back the next day and play again,” Kevin Klein said.

There hasn’t been any severe weather affecting the Future Masters Tournament since 2018. On Tuesday afternoon, lightning, strong winds and storms moved into the area causing a stoppage in play on the course for almost two hours. Tournament Director Kevin Klein says they watch carefully for incoming lightning.

“Yeah we got a system that monitor lightning strikes and if it strikes within eight miles of the club we have marshals on the golf course that have horns and we have one on the club house that blow that discontinue play immediately and marshals are instructed to give the players rides to their vehicle,” Klein said.

For the players, they say having a lightning delay is equivalent to a double bogey or hitting out of the bunker.

“It’s just a bummer when you have to come off the course after getting something going and got some kinda rhythm you got, so you just sit down and when you can get back on the course you’re tight and then you have to think about beating all the people you playing with, so you just have to cross our fingers and hopefully we can keep going,” Golfer Turner Edwards said.

Of course, if the weather doesn’t cooperate the round will have to continue the next day.

Future Masters Staff along with golfers participating say they hope the severe weather stays away from the golf course for the rest of the week.

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