Fort Rucker handling the war on COVID-19


(WDHN) — The war on COVID-19 has been the ultimate mission for Fort Rucker soldiers and their families.

The base shared the next steps in this mission.

“We have a phased reopening plan as we return to what’s going to be a new normal,” Col. Whitney Gardner said.

The second phase of this reopening plan could possibly include the opening of Lake Tholocco, the bowling alley, and crafts centers. The base has focused on keeping the families and soldiers moral high through this unique time.

” I’ve been very impressed with our Garrison staff here and how creative they’ve been. Maybe it’s not the same service people are used to maybe it’s a bit different but people appreciate that” Gardner said.

Fort Rucker’s golf course and library are both open and implementing precautions to abide by social distancing guidelines.

“What we immediately did was, anything that the golfer touches on the golf course we’ve removed from the course because if you touch something we would have to go back and sanitize it, and we established a local rule that if your ball touched the pool noodle or any part of the pool noodle the ball is considered in the hole,” said Stan Tanna, Business Manager of The Silver Wings Golf Course.

The library is open for both curbside services and in building limited browsing. Books that are returned are put into quarantine for at least 72 hours.

“It does come with its own set of restrictions like here in the family room we can only have one family at a time just because I know a lot of kids like to run around, and we also have dropped off spots if they grab a material that they decide that they don’t want so that we can still use the same sanitary guidelines that we’ve been doing with returns,” Librarian Jessica Michaelis said.

Fort Rucker believes they are doing well-providing support for their families and soldiers and will continue fighting this mission until it is considered completed.

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