Florida Lottery shuts down popular lottery store

The Lottery, Discount and Liquor store in Cambellton, Florida has always been a popular spot for people to get a scratch off or cast their numbers for the Florida Lottery but now if you pull up to the store instead of seeing many cars and people in line instead you will see a almost empty parking lot and lottery of any kind in the store. 

The stores lottery has been terminated by the Florida Lottery because of violations within the stores contract. 

"Were sorry that it happened but you have to be in compliance so that's why its very unfortunate," Connie Barnes communication director for the Florida Lottery said. 

With that location lottery closed, people don't have far to go as the next place to play is just about a block away. 

Fortune, Liquor and Lottos has seen business pick up a lot with the recent termination of lotto sales of their neighboring down the road. 

"Its been very busy," said Shelia Rushin manager of Fortune, Liquor and Lottos. "I had to call in extra staff to work but were covering it and were going to get through it."

While one lottery store thrives, the other still remains hopeful that things will turn around.  

"I just want our customers to not lose hope about whats going on," said Avis Peterson sales associate at Lottery, Discount and Liquor. 

"Don't be discouraged by the fact of what we have going on right now and everything is being worked out so that we can get our lottery back."

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