First Baptist Church members volunteer to beautify community garden


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — First Baptist Church members put their hands to use and got a little dirty Saturday morning as they enhanced the looks of Aunt Katie’s Community Garden. They participated in the project last month and after a great turnout, they decided to get back to work.

“Our church wanted to come on back here and get back to work so we’re at Aunt Katie’s garden today. We got about 10,15,20 people I don’t know members that are here working. First Baptist backs up to this neighborhood its just right there so this is our neighborhood, so we hope to continue to come work in homes and yards around here for the next several months,” Missions Pastor Bob Gross said.

The members were in the garden pulling weeds, weed-eating, cutting tree limbs, and laying down landscape fabric in efforts to beautify the garden. Missions Pastor Bob Gross says he’s aware of how difficult it is to get up at sunrise on a Saturday morning but the motive is greater.

“Obviously, as a Christian the reason we doing anything is because of the love of Christ. We wanna show the love of Christ to our fellow neighbors so that’s why we do this. It always feels good just to come out and help somebody but if we’re just doing it to feel good we wanna do it for more than that because we show the love of God the love of Christ to our neighbors,” He said.

Gross says he hopes his group is trendsetters in this good effort which may prompt other organizations to get involved.

“In fact, I was talking to somebody in the city government yesterday and he said man because you guys are going back to work at Aunt Katie’s garden on Saturday, another organization that has about 200 members said hey how can we get involved back in that neighborhood on a regular basis,” He added.

The city will be doing another ‘Love your Neighborhood’ cleanup project in November and he hopes other organizations can help out.

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