Fed employees return to work following government shutdown


2019 started off rough for about 800,000 government workers.

Lance Avey, EPA employee said, “We went, you know, a month without any sort of income or any sort of knowing what’s gonna happen next.”

On Friday, President Trump agreed to re-open the government, which gets those employees back to work.

Stephanie Doolan, EPA employee, stated, “I have a really fun job. I mean, we like what we do.”


Jerry Culley, FAA Technical Operations employee added, “We’re just hoping and praying that we’re not going to be back in this same situation in three or four weeks.” 

The deal that ended the standoff only goes until February 15.

Republican and democratic leaders have until then to come up with a border security proposal.

And Trump insists it include money for his long-promised wall

Sen. Marco Rubio, (R) – Florida said, “I don’t think shutdowns are good leverage.  It’s a lesson I have certainly learned in my time here. Look, there’s been two shutdowns since the time I have been there, and the aggressor in neither one was the winner.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D)-California stated, “I certainly hope that we can an agreement.  It’s been too long. Too many of our federal employees have suffered.”

If lawmakers can’t come up with a plan that funds a border barrier…..

President Trump says “It’s off to the races.”

The president says he may declare a national emergency and direct the defense department to start building a wall.

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