Father of injured Slocomb officer speaks on his son’s condition


SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Aaron Cook, a Slocomb police officer, and school resource officer at Slocomb, is receiving treatment from UAB hospital after his truck crashed into a tree off of Highway 87 early Tuesday morning.

“Of course, it was a horrific strike it was very foggy so it doesn’t even appear if brakes were applied but it was a horrific impact and his body was partially ejected but he was also trapped in the vehicle and the report is it took them 20 minutes to get there and 50 to get him out and was losing a lot of blood,” said Tim Cook, Aaron’s father.

Due to the accident, Aaron is suffering from broken bones but thankfully he did not receive any trauma to his head or vital organs. His father says he is thankful for all of the first responders tending to his son during the emergency.

“Aaron been a first responder since he was 19 years old and he’s about 38 now and he has been on top of it helping other people and this time other people are helping him and the community of Slocomb has really come to his aid and its just a wonderful thing to see,” Cook said.

That aid is a GoFundMe page set up for Aaron and a fundraiser for all of his medical expenses.

“We decided to come together as a community and a group of friends and individuals that care not only for our officers in the Slocomb police department but individually as well during a time of need and this is a time of need for officer cook and his family needs our help and support in,” said Don White, Slocomb’s former police chief. White hired Aaron Cook.

Tim says with all the overwhelming support his son is doing well.

“He was awake at the emergency room he spoke to us all I got to go in and speak to him and he was very aware of going on he knows what gots to happen in the future and he’s holding in strong,” Cook said.

Slocomb principal B.T. Hinson says he can’t wait until Aaron is back on his feet.

“We definitely miss him in car line our parents are out there every day and they are confused so he’s an integral part of our car line every day and he’s just an integral part of our school,” Hinson said.

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