Farley Nuclear Plant holds annual media day


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — The Farley Nuclear Plant held its annual media day and open house.

“This building would be utilized in the unlikely event of an emergency at the plant,” Communication Coordinator Mike Doherty said. “What it would be used for is the plant folks, people from Alabama Power we would meet here with first responders, EMA officials, GEMA, Alabama EMA.”

On top of that, state and local first responders would meet at the building to communicate information to the media who would then get that information out to the public.

“Our main focus is the safety and health of the public and our employees,” Doherty said. “This building would be activated, could be activated at the alert level of emergencies. Just because we declare an alert, that doesn’t mean we would automatically open this building. It would happen to reach some specific criteria to do that.”

Also at the center Tuesday, there were multiple groups there discussing different drills and plans to prepare for emergencies.

They want the public to know what to do in case of a plant emergency and be prepared.

“So we always advocate to the public when we have an opportunity,” Alabama EMA Director of External Affairs Gregory Robinson said. “Make sure you put a plan together and be sure that you communicate the plan to folks around you. That they know what the plan is and they’ll be ready to move when an emergency happens.”

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