Fake election officials attempting to steal voter information in Houston County, real officials say


HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — In the past week, the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and absentee election manager’s office have received multiple complaints about fake election officials going around door to door trying to get information.

“It has been reported that these individuals are leading the voter to believe that they are election officials and communicating to the voter that they will return to their home to assist them with voting,” Houston County Circuit Clerk Carla Woodall said. “Notarizing the ballot and can then take the ballot and mail it for them to the absentee election manager’s office.”

Woodall said these fake election officials are asking for copies of people’s driver licenses and other forms of identification.

The circuit clerk said her office does not go door to door soliciting absentee voter information nor distributing applications.

“That is not how we operate,” Woodall said. “So that is a huge concern that they are just giving away information to people coming to their homes going door to door.”

Woodall said they’re not sure what the motive is at this point — perhaps a group attempting to engage in voter fraud or identity theft.

Whatever the motive, one resident said he hopes law enforcement puts a stop to it soon.

“I hope that it’s sought out and it stops,” Houston County resident Kenneth Young said. “It doesn’t, that does not need to happen.”

Sheriff Valenza said his investigators are looking into the situation but there are no leads.

If this has happened you, please report to the sheriff’s office at 677-4882 or election officials at 671-8700.

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