Extreme heat now a threat to this year’s crop, says farmer


MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — The unseasonable heat is beginning to have a negative impact on locally grown fruit and veggies.

At the Hendrix Food Stand along Highway 52 in Malvern, Donnie Hendrix said it’s generally been a good growing season for tomatoes, squash, snap peas and other produce,  but with temperature readings in the upper-90’s and beyond, it’s beginning to take a toll on the crops.

“I think all the produce still looks really good,” Hendrix said. “Most people that grow produce, everything’s fully irrigated so water’s not the issue. The only thing we’re having trouble is the heat. We’re having July and August temperatures in May, and that’s not normal.”

Hendrix said with these oppressive temperatures, irrigation is a necessity for locally grown fruit and veggies. 

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