Exclusive Interview: Barry Moore talks runoff campaign, Jeff Coleman, and undecided voters


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama’s Second Congressional District Runoff Election is just over one week away and candidate Barry Moore is hitting the campaign trail hard.

“The thing we’re focusing on is just staying positive and getting our message out,” Moore said. “We were early with Trump, we were on the stage with him on day one. I was a Trump delegate and a true conservative in the Alabama legislature. I think my track record proves that so we’re focusing on those issues.”

WDHN has attempted to schedule a debate between Moore and his opponent, Jeff Coleman, several times—dating back to May 4, 2020. While Moore has been open to that debate, dates for the debate have gone unconfirmed by Coleman. According to Moore, his opponent’s stance is confusing.

“I don’t understand that,” Moore said. “We’ve been at five events in the last few weeks and it’s just been me there answering questions. I think it’s very important for the people of the district not just to see what media bias say about you, but to get out and answer the tough questions and we don’t back away from fights. We never have. We’re happy to go to these events, let people know what we stand for. The time in D.C., it’s a time for men of courage. Men who can stand and answer the tough questions and take on the tough fights. The president needs those men, the men of valor and we want to be that and we want to answer these questions and do what we’ve got to do to get the job done.”

As time runs out for voters to decide how to cast their vote, Moore is asking people to examine his track record.

“As a member of the Alabama legislature I was one of the most dependable conservative votes,” Moore said. “I chaired military veterans affairs, I’m the only veteran in the race. I have family members, one who is in Iraq, one who is a retired marine lieutenant colonel. Over the years I think my track record served the veterans, has served the district well, has served our military families and veterans well. At the end of the day, I’m a true conservative, but also a Trump man. I was with the president since day one. I was a Trump delegate, I was with him a number of times in Alabama. I spoke to his bus tour and those sort of things. Don’t take political promises, don’t listen to politicians. Hindsight is 2020. Look at what I’ve done and know what I plan on doing going forward.”

Alabama’s Second Congressional District Runoff Election is set for July 14.

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