Eufaula man’s home destroyed by storms, grateful to see another day


EUFAULA, Ala. (WDHN) — Chainsaws, tractors, and people up and down the Eufaula Country Club neighborhood cleaning up debris and cutting trees after the storms came through.

One resident caught in the storm describes what it was like.

“I crawled under a coffee table in the living room here, and then everything just started exploding,” resident Bill Tucker said.

The storm hit early in the day only lasting 20 to 30 seconds, and Bill said he was grateful it happened during the day. The storm collapsed the roof on his bedroom, which could have been fatal.

“Thank goodness this happened in the daytime and not at night,” Tucker said.

Bill and his wife were the only ones at the house during the storm, and he said he’s grateful that was the case because his granddaughters rooms were hit hard.

“It’s pretty much gone the furniture is actually taken out of this room,” Tucker said.

While the front of Bill’s house was damaged, he said it’s nothing compared to the back of his home.

“We had a garage that is gone and I don’t know where the garage is at, but it was an enclosed garage, and that’s the house, and it’s just all gone, and they’ve totaled out both of our cars,” Tucker said. “So, we’re pretty much lucky to be alive.”

The only thing he said is missing is their cat, and he’s not sure where it has gone.

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