Enterprise State Community College paralegal program ABA approved


The final verdict is now in for Enterprise State Community College.

The college’s Paralegal studies department has been approved by the American Bar Association.

Not only a major accomplishment for the college but it is also making advances for the state.

So far there are only six colleges in the state of Alabama that have received ABA accreditation

Of those the majority of them are four year universities but now another community college is being added to the list.

“1 in 5 paralegal programs nation wide achieve accreditation from the American Bar Association,” said Vicky Ohlson.

Attorney Lydia Dillingham began working at ESCC in 2012.

Shortly after that, in 2013, she began working on the application for this certification.

“We could not just present the program just randomly it has to be up to their standards and the questions presented to us and the exhibits had to support our answers,” said Lydia Dillingham.

Taking a minimum of three years to complete Dillingham made sure the programs i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed

“Too numerous to name right now really,” said Lydia Dillingham.

More than 400 pages of documentation later the paralegal program is looking to expand career options in the Wiregrass.

“We did not have that represented in a community college in this region or anywhere near this region now we have one in the North and one in the South,” said Lydia Dillingham.

After two years students will be able to unlock doors some once thought to be impossible.

“Prestigious law firms who only accept paralegals who have come from an accredited program,” said Vicky Ohlson.

“Having that is really fro the student is a huge deal, it carries a lot more weight,” said Lydia Dillingham.

There are now two community colleges in the state that are part of the American Bar Association 

The other community college that was approved was Gadsden State Community College.

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