Enterprise, meet your mayoral candidates!


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The mayoral candidates for the city of Enterprise have officially begun campaigning for the Aug. 25 election.

Four candidates will be running for city mayor: William Cooper, Bill Baker, Perry Vickers, and Lister Reeves.

Cooper, the current mayor, was appointed into office for his current term, so this will be his first time running for mayor in an election.

“I’m running for reelection to the position of mayor for the city of Enterprise, Alabama,” he said. “These 33 years that I’ve worked for the city of Enterprise, I’ve tried to do my best, and I’ve seen Enterprise grow from a one-horse town to almost 30 some thousand people.”

Reeves is a local business owner and has been going door to door to talk to voters.

“I would love for the citizens of Enterprise to know that I am really working hard, as hard as I’m campaigning and as hard as I’ve put into my own life as far as my own business for the past 35 years, that I will bring that same kind of passion and energy and enthusiasm to being mayor of Enterprise,” he said.

Baker is an international businessman and vice president wanting to bring international contacts to Enterprise.

“The biggest thing I want voters to know is that I am a businessman,” he said. “I’ve been with two companies in the city of Enterprise where I’ve been the vice president, and both companies have been very successful. Where I am sitting today, we started in 2016 with six people. Today we have 328 people in this company, and it’s because of business development. I know it well, and that’s what I bring to Enterprise a very unique set of tools of 24 years in the military. I know what Fort Rucker needs. I know how to support ft. Rucker because I live it every day.”

Vickers is currently president of City Council and said he knows the in’s and outs of the city.

“I was elected four years ago I’ve been on City Council, and that, to me, is a huge plus in the fact that you get to see how the city runs you get to know the financial aspect of it,” he said. “I want everybody to know that I love the city of Enterprise. I’d like to see the infrastructure improved the quality of life improved for our citizens.”

The candidates campaigning will continue for a few more months before the next elected mayor is voted in on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

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