Enterprise High School construction moving along


Enterprise High School students started school on Monday, however, they still have to deal with fences around certain parts of the school, as it experiences on-going construction.

“The emphasis as far as the construction of the building has been the courtyard and the very front of the school,” Assistant Principal Stan Sauls said. “In particular, trying to get that completed before school actually started, which we have. We’re also almost complete as far as around the gym.”

The courtyard is almost completed, which will be beneficial for students as they use it to walk from class to class.

The main part they wanted to get done before school was the very front entrance because of the traffic flow, and that’s where the offices are.

“We haven’t had it in a while, getting this back is very significant just because of having over 2,200 students,” Sauls said. “The traffic flow from the academic building to getting back to other parts of the school.”

Sauls said that it will be great for the school once the construction is completed.

“The guys have been working very hard as far as to do that,” Sauls said. “We’re very excited as far as to get it completed and have things back to normal.”

The school system was able to settle a long-running lawsuit against a general contractor regarding some of the construction elements of the school, states that the contractor agreed to repair all the issues.

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