Enterprise councilmembers vote against the rezoning of Mamie Street


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Enterprise City Council had their hands full in Tuesday’s night’s meeting as they met to make a decision on rezoning Mamie Street. Most residents feared the area will produce a higher population with high-density housing such as townhomes.

Over 50 residents showed up to the city hall to present their case of not being in favor of the potential changes coming to their neighborhood. Out of the plethora of residents at the meeting, six residents were granted the opportunity to voice their concerns. The concern that all residents highlighted in their presentation was building more homes in a small area will cause heavy traffic.

Last week, the neighborhood was approved for rezoning but the council voted no on the decision.

“I think this is the first time the council has went against the planning commission. Tonight the city council voted on the side of the residents and not according to the subdivision regulation and their ordinances and city ordinances its very disheartening,” said Brock Mathews, Vice President of Benchmark Land Services.

However, the residents felt like the council heard their voices and made the right decision.

“We dont see how it would benefit our neighborhood. All of our neighbors came up here tonight and it was voted no and we’re very happy we appreciate everything the city of Enterprise has done for us,” Bethan Smith said.

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