Early Co. family gets help from community after tornado wrecked homes


DAMASCUS, Ga. (WDHN) — The Cratic family was devastated by the effects of this week’s storms.

“Before we could prepare to do anything, we heard the rumbling,” said Latonya Cratic, a survivor of the Damascus tornado. “Windows crashing, things falling, so we just lay in the floor until everything passed over.”

Just three days after the tornado hit, more bad weather was expected to arrive.

“Because we were anticipating more bad weather, for today, we were trying to salvage as much as we could, get things in storage, board up whatever windows,” Cratic said.

Even though the tornado was on the ground for about 10 minutes, the damage it caused will last much longer.

“It felt like a lifetime, but it was amazing to see what had been done in those few minutes,” Cratic said.

But thanks to the surrounding community, the help this family has received has been nearly unmatched.

“Thankfully, because all the volunteers that have come in, most of this has already been cleaned up,” said Tony Gentry, emergency management director of Early County.

“We’ve just been overwhelmed,” Cratic said. “Not only with all that has happened, but with the love and the support, the volunteers.”

Even though a lot of the mess has already been cleaned up, there’s a long way to go before this family can get back to normal.

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