Drone is the new textbook for this class

Technology is constantly changing in the classroom schools are now equipped with computers and iPads.
But at Samson High they’re taking it to new heights.  
Numbers used not only for math but engineering, science and learning the value of a dollar.
“What we learn a lot in math is how to solve problems and you’re going to be solving problems for the rest of your life,” said Chris Littleton, the Geometry teacher at Samson High School.
But at Samson High they’re using 21st century technology to help them learn.
“Well it makes it real to them,” said Chris Littleton.
Drones have been used for taking amazing pictures and videos are now in a geometry classroom.
After scoring a perfect 100 for the day the class celebrates with a selfie.
“There’s not a lot of lessons out there that use the drones,” said Chris Littleton. “So I said what are those that we are already doing.”
Students are also seeing the benefits of using the drones
“Our society is going into a more technological age, which prepares us for the future that we are actually going to deal with,” said Destiny Shiver, a student at Samson High.
While this gadget can be used for fun it’s actually helping to keep learning interesting.
“If I’m going to fall asleep cause I’m actually engaged in different activities to actually boost my mental,” said Destiny Shiver.
Littleton’s job is to teach geometry to high schoolers but this activity broadens those horizons.
Students are using the drones to measure shadows off light poles at the school.
“Yeah you’re going to have to go out there and and find the angle of a triangle but there’s more to it then that it is cross curriculum fit together,” said Chris Littleton.
This lesson consists of geometry, physics, science and even government 
“I had to register the drone with the FAA or we are breaking the law out there,” said Chris Littleton. “Not to mention the physics that’s involved in the drone it’s self.”
To have a career in any of those subjects means being able to work as a team just as this class does with the drones.
“Get real life experience and not just problem solve by myself,” said Destiny Shiver.

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