DPD promotes ten officers; marking one of the biggest promotions in the department’s history


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Dothan Police Department promoted ten officers in recognition of their latest accomplishments.

“I’ve interviewed everyone of these candidates who we’re promoting today and I think they’re all up to the challenge,” said Dothan Police Chief Steven Parrish. “They’ve all assured me that they are ready to take the next step.”

DPD promoted ten new officers; the number of new promotions marks one of the biggest in the department’s history.

“I’ve seen this a few times throughout my career: you’ll have a couple of points in time in the department that you have multiple high-levels of promotions and that’s one the situations we have here today,” Parrish said.

The department gained two new captains, two new lieutenants, two new sergeants and four new police corporals. However, to receive those promotions was not an easy task. Each officer was required to take a series of challenging assessments given by out-of-town subject matter experts.

“In the lieutenants’ assessment they actually give you a scenario of whatever it is and how you would respond,” explained Lt. Lt. Scott Swens. “There was an in-basket exercise that gauges your organization and your leadership skills and then there was a presentation where you are asked to present the SPO program.”

One new captain told WDHN about his hope for the department and the other promoted officers.

“We are really heading in the right direction with a lot of the community-based organizations and programs right now,” Captain Will Glover said. “I’m looking forward to jumping on board and continuing with that working with the community hand-in-hand.”

The officers will officially be promoted Sunday, October 13.

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