Dozens of Dothan City School employees say they’re victims of tax fraud


More than 60 employees are victims of tax fraud, according the Dothan City Schools financial department. “I feel betrayed that some of our employees had their information taken,” said Mike Manuel.

The school system says employees got a notification from the IRS, saying that someone was trying to file their taxes, who didn’t appear to be them. Manuel says once the central office found out about the fraud alert they began checking their system. “We contacted the technology department here to see if we could find out if there were any fraudulent access to our website,” said Mike Manuel.

Manuel says although the payroll information is online his office sends paper copies of employees W-2’s to the schools. “We print them in my office, the only people that have access to my office are the people that work in my office,” said Mike Manuel.

Manuel tells WDHN he is ruling out the possible that the fraud was done in house. “So when we go to distribute them to the schools, the principal, assistant principal, or secretary has to come an sign for them,” said Manuel.

WDHN has learned that Dothan City School system weren’t the only ones in the state whose information was compromised. The Alexander City School system is also a victim, both systems use a database called Innovak.

Manuel says they are working with the data base system to rectify the possible breach. He also says that the FBI and IRS are both conducting investigations. 

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