Dothan teacher seeks help for father after shooting house collapses on him


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Wiregrass man ended up hurt in an unexpected accident when his shooting house collapsed on him while hunting last Sunday.

As a result of his accident, Tim Davis sustained broken ribs, internal bleeding, crushed vertebrae, fractures along his back, and a bruised spinal cord.

“I was told that his shooting house that he built had actually collapsed and unexpectedly had toppled over and fell directly on top of him on his back pinning him face down in the ground,” Tim’s son Sam Davis said.

Sam said they hunt somewhere between Shorterville and Haleberg and that there’s little cell service out there, but Tim was able to get help and was airlifted out to Southeast Health.

“If it wasn’t for those fast-acting emergency responders and all the deer hunters that showed up that know me and my dad to help lift that shooting house off of him, I’m fairly confident that he would not be here today,” Davis said.

Sam has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the recovery costs.

“We’re asking anyone and everyone to just prayerfully consider donating and you can do that two ways,” Davis said. “You can through a GoFundMe page that I’ve set up on my Facebook page Sam Davis, and also Lighthouse Community Churches’ Facebook page.”

People can also donate at that Headland National Bank to the Timothy Davis Benefit Fund.

Sam tells us that his father is in critical but stable condition.

Correction: The first draft of this story listed one of the towns as Hellburg. It now correctly has it listed as Haleburg.

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