Dothan sees a spark in house fires


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Not only are the COVID-19 cases rising, but the number of house fires in the Dothan area is rising as well keeping the Dothan Fire Department on their toes.

“We’ve has a number of house fires over the last couple of weeks fortunately most of those have been fairly insignificant what we call a room and content fire which is minor damage to the home but we have had a couple with significant damage to the home,” Dothan Deputy Fire Chief Chris Etheredge said.

During this time, house fires are not usually common especially since we are not in a drought nor are we in the winter time. However, due to COVID-19 in effect cancelling school, summer camps, and work for some people, more people are stuck inside for majority of the day.

“The number one cause for fires in the United States is cooking related,” Etheredge said.

Chief Etheredge says in order to limit the red engine from coming to your house, make sure you are paying attention to the task at hand so you don’t become distracted.

“Ya know whether its neighbors coming over to visit or family coming over you get distracted and you leave something on the stove. If you have kids that are home and prepare meals for themselves or late at night make sure its something kid friendly where they can use the microwave and not the oven or stove, make sure that’s an off limit area if they don’t know how to use it because they can easily get distracted whether its video games or friends over. That’s where we see a lot of our home fires,” Etheredge said.

Chief Etheredge says make sure you have a working smoke alarm to prevent injuries. If you are in the Dothan City limits and don’t have working smoke alarms, you can call the Dothan Fire Department at 334-615-3473 and they will install it for you free of charge.

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