Dothan security trainers teach how to be prepared in case of home invasion


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Defending yourself during a home invasion or hostile situation is different based on the scenario. That’s why training is important.

Kleos Training and Security LLC is a local business that offers that kind of training.

Casey Bell is the owner and lead instructor of KLEOS; he offers a variety of courses.

“We teach everything from basic pistol and rifle and shotgun all the way up to we train church security teams, emergency medical response,” Bell said. “Our favorite courses, or at least our most popular courses, are our conceal carry and our home defense courses.”

According to Bell, going to a range helps with accuracy but a real-life scenario against bad guys is different.

“When you’re dealing with these people, you don’t get to pick the time,” Bell said. “You don’t get to pick the place. You don’t get to pick the scenario. You don’t get to pick when it happens or any of those kinds of things.”

That’s why his goal is to prepare his students for these situations.

“We help develop that skillset by reprogramming the brains natural default of fight, flight or freeze system, and we help you build in a skillset that when you respond or react you do it in a manner quickly, accurately and safely without getting yourself or somebody else killed,” Bell said.

Those who have taken Bell’s courses said they have benefitted in multiple areas thanks to the lessons they learned.

“Every time I do something with Casey, I learn something more,” student Judd Williams said. “Confidence and skills I think that’s the biggest things that I’ve learned from his classes.”

Those who take a course with cases can get an exclusive membership price at Crunch Fitness.

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