Dothan Police gives input on the use of facial recognition on potential suspects


Dothan, Ala. (WDHN) — Since the capitol protests facial recognition has been used to identify suspects.

In Oxford Alabama, the police department is using facial recognition, and it has helped create leads for Oxford Police.

Can this lead to arrests though? According to Dothan Police, it can help, but there’s more involved.

“It doesn’t absolutely prove your case,” Dothan Police lieutenant Scott Owens said. “The leg work that we put in to prove somebody was there with GPS data, with statements from witnesses is really where you make your case.”

According to Owens one reason they don’t use facial recognition often is because the shot of the suspect has to be very precise.

“The one thing with facial recognition is that it’s gotta be a clear shot,” Owens said. “It’s gotta be almost a front-on shot and rarely if ever do you get something as good as that. We would much rather rely on our social media platforms and our social media footprints to actually solve those crimes because people in the community know what these people look like.”

Owens said they’re not opposed to using facial recognition and they have the ability if they want it, but they rarely use it.

“I don’t know of a case that I have ever used or that I’ve been involved in that we ever used facial recognition,” Owens said.

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