Dothan Fire Department continues investigation into cause of major fire


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Thick smoke clouds covered the skies of downtown Dothan Thursday, filling the lungs of those who were nearby.

The Dothan Fire Department was there as soon as they were notified and started their fight against the flames.

“We were able to establish a water supply,” Dothan Fire Prevention Chief David Hasty said. “We were able to flow water out of the ladder truck as well as all of our engines that were there. So, we were pumping of a net gun as well as a ladder truck there, and we were able to bring the fire under control.”

After the fire was brought under control, the fire department started their investigation into what may have caused the fire.

They are still working on the investigation.

“We’re still in the process of investigating at this time now, but it’s a very large structure,” Hasty said. “The structure is over 22,000 ft so, it’s taking a while. We’re very methodical, and we want to give out accurate information when we give out information.”

With any fire, there comes health concerns for anyone around it.

One effect of exposure to heavy smoke is having a change in lung function causing difficulty in breathing. The fire department advises people to stay away from it.

“We really want to tell folks, you know, to stay away from the smoke, to stay out of the smoke, and if the wind changes the direction, it’s obviously going to change, and it may go into your direction, and so we encourage you to move and not breath inside that smoke area,” Hasty said.

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