Dothan Education Foundation launches free teacher supply store


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Beginning Monday, Dothan City school teachers may register to shop at the Dothan Education Foundation’s free teacher supply store for needed core supplies.

Eligible teachers may spend allotted points within the store for needed school supplies identified most imperative within a classroom. The goal for this is to reduce out of pocket spending for DCS teachers and mobilize resources for in-need students.

Items in the store will be assigned a point value and will be deducted from the teacher’s account at check out.

“They do have a limit on some of the things they can take just to help us manage inventory and stuff like that. But, if they don’t use all their points they can come back and shop,” Executive Director Lindsey Fountain said. “We’re really working to secure more supplies and more donors and supporters to increase those point values.”

No cash will be exchanged for supplies and no cash will be held in the store. Def reserves the right to amend policies as they see fit.

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