Dothan couple believes ciy traffic cameras could record for a longer time period


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – A driver not yielding hit couple Jeffrey Marsh and Megan Hull on March 21st.

The two were riding their normal motorcycle route on U.S. Highway 84 West on Ross Clark Circle when the accident occurred.
“It’s something you fear happening but when it does happen it scares you,” Marsh said.
The accident left significant damage to the motorcycle and scares for the couple which fiance Megan said she still doesn’t remember anything that happened.
“I was faced down on the concrete with blood dripping from my head,” Hull said.  “They couldn’t even tell I was breathing and all they knew I was probably dead.”
Both want to know if the traffic cameras on the intersection could help determine what happened.
Public works director Charles Metzger said the traffic cameras are used to look at traffic volumes in about 30 areas around the city.
They don’t record all traffic incidents but things can be look back at from about a 24-hour time frame.
The couple said they wish the cameras could record a few days back to trace back events that happened.
“I wanna make sure what I’m saying is correct what I think happened or what I’m sure of what happened is the case,” Marsh said.

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