Dothan City Schools see a decline in student enrollment


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan City Schools District has seen a decline in enrollment this year, according to Dr. Coe, the acting superintendent.

After the reconfiguration of the district, DCS expected a decline in enrollment but they aren’t sure if the current decline is solely to blame on the redistricting or the pandemic.

The district is down 7.5% in enrollment rates with a 50% increase in the number of students who withdrew to homeschool.

“All of the districts in the state actually lost enrollment as well, so it’s kind of hard to see how much of that was related to the reorganization and how much was related to covid,” said the acting superintendent, Dr. Dennis Coe.

104 out of 139 school districts in the state of Alabama have seen a decline in enrollment this year, especially in grades K through five.

Dr. Coe said DCS is down about 600 students this year.

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