Dothan City Schools restructuring project on schedule


Dothan City Schools are gearing up for their first day back on August 20th.

The schools have gone through changes since November when the Dothan City School board decided to undergo a restructuring project.

Many are wondering if the project is on track, and if the schools will be ready for the first day, but DCS Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards wants everyone to know the project is on schedule.

“We’re right on target,” Edwards said. “We started back in, I think it was, November when the board made their decision. Each month, I have provided a task list for the community as well as the board, and we have been following our plan.”

This summer was used to move furniture, equipment, and computers to their designated schools. Right now, the schools are in the normal phase of getting ready for a new school year.

“If you go around to the schools, you’ll see that the grass is being trimmed,” Dr. Edwards said. “We’re also taking care of a number of things that were in the $15 million bond. You would maybe not see all of that, but if you went to Dothan Prep, you would see $5 million worth of improvements going on there.”

Now that the signs are starting to change to reflect their new school name, Edwards said everything is starting to come together.

“I think the signage though is kind of the cherry on top, you know,” she said. “That’s like okay now you see the top of the puzzle.”

Edwards also said that she and everyone involved is excited to see the project all come together.

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