Dothan church brings creatives together in a unique fashion


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — ICR8 is a first annual event being put together by the pastor of Destiny Church in Dothan. It’ll kick off on Friday with a fashion show, and creative seminar on Saturday. The goal is to bring creative thinkers together to help them find their purpose in the church

“You know purpose has a lot to do with it first and foremost, bringing people into their original intent for why they were created which brings them back to God which hopefully brings them to the church and a good healthy understanding of what church is supposed to be,” said Destiny Church senior pastor, Dr. Jevon Goode.

Goode says he understands that churches may not have always been a welcoming place for creatives other than singers and public speakers so he’s come up with iCRE8 to give designers, models, and other artists an outlet within the church.

“You know creatives are always on the cutting edge and they are always so far ahead of the times so you know creatives can almost be a little prophetic in a way, to where it’s like they are in the future although they are still in the now, and they can tend to seem to be a little off their rocker a little insane a little crazy by the average person because they are doing things that does not exist in the present,” said Goode.

Goode was a music major before studying theology which has helped him understand artists and has inspired him in his own church. He says creatives need to have a place of stability and he hopes the church can be that for them. Friday’s fashion show will highlight designers, models, and musicians. Saturday’s seminar will include panel conversations with Goode, Tim Skipper, Robert Dickens, and Orran Scruggs. Tickets are available online, and Goode says all money made from the event will go to the creative community.

“We are underwriting everything for this and the church will take nothing from it, we are going to give everything out and use it as a way of outreach to really help other creatives especially young creatives,” said Goode.

For ticket information, times and location visit the Destiny Church Facebook page.

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