Donalsonville restaurant to keep dining room closed while having permission to open


DONALSONVILLE, Ga. (WDHN) — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently ordered businesses to open back up.

For restaurants, they can open as early as Monday.

Mintos Sports Bar and Grill is not sure how they can open their doors so soon in the midst of a pandemic.

“We want to, we definitely want to but as far as keeping everything safe in here is going to be hard,” Glen Minto said. “You can’t get any cleaning supplies.”

Although the restaurant is taking safety precautions by cleaning thoroughly, the restaurant will have to follow guidelines when opening up the dining room such as wearing masks and checking fevers at the door. With the dining room closed, it has been hurting the pockets of the business.

The owners said they would love for customers to dine in, but it’s not worth the hassle.

“We’re going from full swing to like delivery and curbside. We’ll make a couple of hundred dollars but that’s it. Our max capacity as for what we can do right now is like 40 people in this building. You just figured if 10 people go 40 dollar tabs that’s just 400 dollars. That’s not even enough to keep the lights on so we’re still stuck.”

The Minots said it seems like they just can’t catch a break. First, it was Hurricane Michael and now the coronavirus pandemic. The people of Donalsonville are keeping the restaurant afloat.

“Our customers are awesome,” Lisa Minto said. “A lot of people have stepped up who normally probably would have stepped up. They may not usually order meals on Wednesday but now they are just to help.”

As of now, there are no plans for the restaurant’s dining room to open. However, they may look into having picnic tables in the parking lot and still follow guidelines.

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