Do you know how to properly handle a firearm?


Whether its how they are regulated across America , to the different headlines that continues to run across news and social media timelines guns continue to be one of America most controversial topics . 

More than a third of Americans say they or someone in their household owns a gun but on average most people don’t know how to properly use one if put in a dangerous situation. 

“Your shooting skill is a perishable skill,” said Deputy Kendall Hatfield of the Dale County Sheriff Department. “If you don’t continue to train and keep up with it and know how to operate and things like that then you lose those skills and deteriorate.”

Deputy Hatfield started a firearm safety class  for people in the Wiregrass to know how to safely and properly handle  firearms. The class starts with lessons in operating and firearm safety then students are taken out to the shooting range for practice. 

“We get people with a lot of different experience levels, from very good shooters who are experience to people to people who have never fired a gun before,” said Hatfield.  

This was the case for Midland City Mayor Joann Grimsley who said the class was important but stress the importance for women to take part. 

“I want to be able to protect myself in the event that I may have a break in at home, or I may have to protect myself in walking or some of those things,” said 

Families like the Varbel’s have had experience in operating and shooting firearms but still come to refresh themselves of training and safety. They believe a gun that fits you is as important. 

“The gun that you gonna carry one that is comfortable to carry a full size service weapon like a full size glock might not be right for the normal person you gonna want something smaller that is gonna be with you all the time and being with you all the time means that its gonna be unintrusive and its not gonna be in your way when whatever  you need to do,” said Steven Varbel. 

For Teresa Varbel this class has given  her peace of mind. 

“As a rape survivor, I never want to be a victim again i want to feel empowered in knowing my weapon and knowing how to use it gives me that empowerment as a woman,” said Varbel. 

The next firearm safety course will take place on June 9th and classes are free of charge. 

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