DCS looking to implement new grading system


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — On Thursday, Dothan City Schools teachers had training for standard based grading.

The goal was to help give teachers a different look at grading for students.

“So, the state of alabama provides standards for all courses and standards based grading is teachers grading assignments based on the standards,” Dothan High School Principal Bill Singleton said.

The teachers were able to hear from Dr. Thomas Gusky, a professor at the University of Louisville, who presented more information on standards based grading.

“First he presented research on grading and purposes on grading and then went into assessments,” Singleton said. “What we do when students aren’t successful on assessments. For example, reteaching if a student is not proficient.”

One of the thing standards based grading does is separate a grade into different categories rather than having a single grade for an assignment.

“With those different categories on the report card, it gives you an opportunity to communicate better with the parents in regards to items other than just an assessment in a classroom,” Singleton said.

As for the teachers, principal Singleton says they are excited about standard based grading.

“Very positive comments, very appreciative to have him come in and to be able to talk about some things that they had not thought about,” Singleton said.

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