DCS board approves two Carver campuses next school year; superintendent talks future amid COVID-19


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Dothan city school board met Thursday evening to approve three action items – renaming the Cloverdale campus to Carver school for Math, Science, and Tech and renaming Carver to Carver 9th Academy which stems from overcrowding issues at Dothan Prep Academy.

The old Carver campus was designed as a high school or older children so it made sense logistically for the older children to be at that facility. Cloverdale campus is built as an elementary school so it really was more suited for the age of children that occupy the Carver building,” Dr. Dennis Coe said.

Another item on the list that was approved was the PrePact agreement for phase 2 which includes HVAC upgrades and parking lot lighting upgrades for various schools.

While at the meeting we talked to Superintendent Coe about the latest of COVID-19 in the school system. Recently, with cases going up, some systems across the state are reverting back to remote learning. At the beginning of the school year, there will be a year-long virtual program in the elective wing of Dothan Prep for grades 7-12.

This idea came before Gov. Ivey announced she wants students to return to the classroom next year.

“Nobody knows what COVID-19 will look like this time next year but we want to be able to address some kind of virtual option. The way we will address that would be is not a canned curriculum or software where kids are just clicking we want live teachers that are employees of Dothan City Schools that are available if parents need to come to a facility and meet with a teacher for a parent-teacher meeting or meet with a counselor,” Dr. Coe said.

Superintendent Dennis Coe says he doesn’t see the school system going all virtual in the future and he hopes students will continue to follow the COVID-19 guidelines this holiday season heading into the new year.

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