Dating coach says singles are struggling during the Pandemic


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — There is no question at all that COVID-19 has thrown an enormous monkey wrench in the whole dating endeavor for singles, it’s a big deal COVID-19 has impacted lives in huge ways.

“Singles are really struggling; they were struggling before COVID hit but now it’s even more important that they are super thoughtful about what they are doing,” said Matchmaker Dating Coach, and owner of Nine GPS, Karla Moore.

According to Moore, a lot of people are dealing with depression and internal struggles that causes an impulse around wanting to connect romantically and platonically.

“There are people out here that are really starving for human contact and have major anxiety and trepidation about going out and are really isolated, so yes some people are looking for friendship and some are just looking to get their feet wet,” Moore said.

One couple has managed to connect through this time and has been able to keep each other’s spirits high.

“I think it helps you kind of have hope when you find something in the middle of a time like this you definitely see the good in it more than you see the bad,” Faith Ingram said.

The couple has said they’ve noticed a lot of new relationships blossoming around them. But, Moore says that singles should be careful if they are choosing to meet new people in person.

“There are men and women out here that are very manipulative by nature, and maybe carrying COVID may have had it, may be able to transmit it to someone and quite frankly they don’t care,” Moore explained.

Moore says the silver lining to COVID dating is couples having to take it slower.

“Couldn’t really go out and do much of anything so we had time to get to know each other better, said Ingram’s Boyfriend, Zack Tucker. “It was more intimate one on one time and getting to know the other person, and their thoughts and feelings,” Ingram shared.

Karla suggests people use this time for self-reflection and growth before jumping into a relationship but also mentioned there has been a huge uptick in her matchmaking services and online dating app usage.

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