Daleville suspects arrested on burglary, drug charges


A concerned neighbor witnessed a burglary on the morning of December 7, 2016, in the 100 block of Commanche Street .

They saw two gentlemen go up to that house and attempt to make contact with the occupant, and when nobody answered to door, they went around to the shed and helped themselves to a generator,” said Interim Chief William Mansfield with the Daleville Department of Public Safety.

The suspects were gone by the time officers arrived but were later arrested. Jeffery Jones and Micheal Geogeghan are now facing burglary charges.

“These two individuals have been very busy over the last several days, for sure, possibly several weeks, so this is still an ongoing investigation,” Mansfield said.

Both live on Parrish Road, where he said they admitted to storing several stolen items from Daleville and other areas. Mansfield said they also face drug charges after methamphetamine was found at their home. Geogeghan faces even more charges by violating his probation on a Houston County felony case.

“We’ve got multiple clothing items. It looks like we have a dog box, there’s a John Deere lawnmower,” said Mansfield, adding they have also taken at least three generators. He said it’s all the more reason it’s important to look out for your neighbors.

“Even though the suspects were not still in the area, it allowed the officers to speak with people who did see them, which allowed us to get a direction of travel. It allowed us to get a good vehicle description, it allowed us to get a good suspect description,” Mansfield said.

These are things he said help officers track suspects down. Anyone who is missing some items or has information on this case is urged to contact Daleville police at 334-598-4442.

As Mansfield said, it’s always a good idea to keep a lookout for your neighbors, especially during the Christmas season.

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