Dale County EMA talks hurricane season amid COVID-19 pandemic


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — The Coronavirus pandemic has canceled and put a lot of events on hold but it will not have much of an effect on mother nature itself as we are inching up on hurricane season.

Well, we’re in the midst of it its just the tropics were just a little delayed I guess heating up sorta speak. But as people been watching seeing on the news and forecast that the tropics are starting to heat up,” Dale County EMA Director Kurt McDaniel said.

Well, before things heat up, you must have a plan in place ready to go. Dale County EMA Director Kurt McDaniel says the pandemic has taken a toll on the emergency management agency when it comes to planning for a potential hurricane.

“Its gonna be a challenge such as sheltering keeping it six-foot, temperature checks, so in any event that we are affected by a hurricane, it’ll be mass changes from what we are normally doing which is gonna create needing more personnel probably.

If there happens to be a hurricane, McDaniel says the rapid spread of COVID-19 will not affect storm shelters as they will still be available to the public of course abiding by the guidelines.

“The civic center here in Ozark will be our first shelter to open because the facilities are there and we do have enough room to keep it six-foot,” McDaniel said.

Mcdaniel says to make sure you stay aware and ready for hurricane seasons such as having working weather radios, downloading FEMA apps, and stocking up on your food and medication.

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