Covert reflects on first three months as Chief Administrative Officer


Prior to taking the position of Chief Administrative Officer, outgoing CAO Bill Dempsey worked with Peter Covert for three months to help expose him to the workings of the position he would be taking over.

“One of the things Bill stressed with me was that every day is different,” Covert said. “You’re never quite sure who’s going to call you on the phone, or who’s going to walk through your door and what their issue or question might be.”

Covert said in his three months he’s learned the advice that Dempsey gave him was exactly right, and that government is a lot more complex than he originally knew or thought.

“The guidelines and the rules in which we’re asked to follow, we must follow, are to protect both the citizens funding of the government as well as the proper and fair execution of the duties of government,” Covert said.

Moving forward Covert hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the budget process, and to experience the flow of activity with the departments and within the government of Houston County.

“We’re working in concert and it’s fantastic,” Covert said. “It’s a benefit that I don’t know the community really understands, but over the years they’ll experience it as we see economic development, and growth, and safe controlled development of our fair community.”

Covert said it’s important to have a spirit of service at your core to do this job, and that he applied for this job because he’s always had a need to give back to his community, and believes this is the way he can continue his spirit of service.

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