Corn and cotton crops selling for lower prices due to coronavirus


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — The coronavirus has affected many markets especially farming. Parker Farms in Headland said a few weeks ago a 1,000 pounds of cotton would sell for $700 or 70 cents a pound.

Now, that is not the case.

“Since the coronavirus it has just bottomed out,” Parker Farms farmer Curry Parker said. “Today if you had cotton to sell you’d be lucky to get 53 cents for it. That’s 17 cents a pound less than what it was six weeks ago.”

That brings the price of 1,000 pounds to $340. Corn, the other crop affected, has dropped from $4 a bushel to $3.30.

Parker Farms shoots for 200 to 220 bushels, and with it being down 70 cents they make $140 less than six weeks ago.

“We already have been for the last few years, we have been in a squeeze to make a profit,” Parker said. “I mean we can’t afford any mistakes. That’s the way farming’s been the last few years if we have some mistakes.”

Corn and cotton have dropped but fertilizer hasn’t seen the same effect which farmers are disappointed about.

“We haven’t seen a reduction in fertilizer costs,” peanut specialist Kris Balkcom said. “Which is a little disappointing considering the fact that we still have to use that input at a higher level and we’re looking at our prices of our commodity being cheaper. So, you know that’s a downside.”

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