Congestion concerns motorists on Alabama Highway 52


GENEVA COUNTY, Ala.– State Highway 52 from Dothan to Geneva is a concern for many drivers and the residents living on the road.

Some of the road is a four-lane, with much of it still a two-lane road.

Highway 52 is a heavily traveled road from Dothan to Geneva County.

Construction over the last 20 years has widened a portion of it to a four-lane from Dothan to Malvern.

“Alabama 52, for the most part of a two-lane highway. Throughout the years our office has received many calls about Alabama 52, wishing to increase that to a four-lane,” said Captain Tracy Nelson, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

“It would just make it a lot faster and a lot safer. There are spots of Highway 52 that is four-lane and that’s a lot better than the spots when you get around these towns and stuff it’s dangerous,” said motorist Tim Brookins.

From Malvern further into Geneva County, it remains a two-lane and many drivers say it’s a tight squeeze.

“The 18 wheelers and stuff, there’s a lot on it. Also there’s a lot of farm equipment and stuff. You mix the two together it’s a dangerous you know you need more room,” said Brookins.

Captain Nelson says traffic patterns on Highway 52 have increased over the years.

“Especially in the morning commuter traffic and evening commuter traffic going home. That’s a very dangerous amount as far as what’s on that road for a two-lane road,” said Captain Nelson.

“I drive on it on a regular basis, hauling dirt. It would help a lot if it was four-lane, widened up, had turning lanes and stuff,” said Brookins

Captain Nelson reminds all to always be aware.

“We ask everyone to slow down, be careful and understand, there’s caution lights on that road for a reason.”

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