Concerns arise over potential bird poisonings in Dothan neighborhood


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Emerald Lake residents have expressed concerns about floating ducks in the neighborhood’s pond.

“These two have been poisoned, they have been in the exact same spot as they were last night, they had bread right in here and I cleaned it up. But these two are just waiting to die,” Dorlisa Henderson said.

Henderson is a local resident that is taking charge of finding out what is harming the ducks.

“I walked around the whole pond and I counted 12 floatings and then I came right here and there was about 5 like this, and as you see they can’t even move,” Henderson said.

The Dothan Police Department is handling the investigation and said while there no evidence of poisoning yet, it has not been ruled out.

“We were called here yesterday in reports from concerned citizens about the ducks. Right now, we are trying to gather any and all information about what we need to do and find out what is actually ailing the ducks. We are reaching out to various federal partners, state and local partners and trying to figure out the best advice for how we need to get those answers.” Lt. Scott Owens said.

Owens said that if the ducks are being poisoned, he is worried that if people pick up the poisoned item they could then be poisoned as well. A lot of poisons can be transferred through touching the skin.

One resident that grew up in the area worries that the ducks’ death could be linked to the current pandemic.

“It could possibly be COVID, I’ve also read where scientists are saying that COVID-19 is affecting plenty of species of animals around this country,” said Jermaine Shakespeare, a biology major.

The DPD is working on finding out more information about what’s causing the ducks’ death, whether it be environmental or criminal.

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