Concerns about children on hot buses swirling on social media


Is your child’s health in danger?

We’ve told you about a growing concern with hot car deaths with children, but many kids are on a school buses with no air conditioning for an extended period of time.

Usually kids are not allowed to eat or drink on the school bus but that’s changing as parents can now pack a bottle of ice water .

Growing concerns are swirling on social media about the conditions of school buses.

As several people have posted about children sweating on a bus and some appear to be passed out.

“When I grew up we didn’t have air conditioned buses and kids these days are use to an air conditioned environment,” said Jason Stump. “You kind of get use to that.”

Currently less than a third of the buses used by Enterprise City Schools have air conditioning that leaves approximately 3,200 students to ride without AC.

“They got window they got roof hatches they are directional so you can open them to direct air down through the bus but pretty much it’s natural air flow,” said Jason Stump.

Stump estimates the longest time a child will have to ride the bus is close to an hour.

“A lot of it is pick up time at the schools because of of traffic it takes so long to pick up at each school and some of our buses are going to four schools so that’s forty minutes of it,” said Jason Stump.

Superintendent Greg Faughts plan is to replace about 6 or 7 buses every 10 year cycle.

Less than 80% of those funds are coming from the state board of education the other portion is up to each school system to spend their money wisely.

“I’m thinking it was a 12 thousand dollar difference on an air conditioned bus opposed to an non air conditioned bus it may be as high was 14,” said Jason Stump.

Each bus costs around $80,000 to replace and none of the new buses at Enterprise City Schools are without air conditioning.


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