Companies looking at different possibilities when deciding to move into Dothan region


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — At the start of last year, the Dothan metro area had 61,700 jobs; that number dropped to 54,126 jobs during the low point because of the pandemic.

All of this is according to Grow Dothan and Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker, who said that small businesses and diverse companies have helped the economy push through.

“They have done a really good job at adapting in changing their business model to this thing,” Parker said. “So that and diversity has really helped blast us through and maintain this.”

By November of last year, Dothan was back up to 61,600 jobs.

When it comes to bringing new companies to the southeast region, Parker said that the pandemic has changed how companies decide where they want to go.

“They’re really probably narrowing their search to what they really need to do instead of casting a bigger net out there,” Parker said. “They’re narrowing it down so you are able to really focus on what specifically on what they think they actually need to be at.”

All of these companies when considering a new market are looking for a product site or building and parker said product is what brings in jobs.

“Hey, you don’t exist without product,” Parker said. “So you can’t create opportunities without that so that’s something that you know everybody’s cognoscente of and trying to work towards.”

Parker said the market is working on getting more sites and buildings, giving companies a place to go.

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