Community Development grant will help low-income households in Headland


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — The City of Headland will receive a $450,000 grant to help rehabilitate low-income housing throughout the area.

Governor Kay Ivey recently awarded more than 60 communities throughout Alabama nearly $19.4 million through the Community Development Block grants.

Headland will use the grant to help at least 30 families and their homes.

“If they need flooring or windows or air conditioning or roofs repairing and stuff on their houses,” said Headland Mayor Ray Marler. “This will go a long ways for them.”

Each household can receive up to $25,000 with a 10 percent match, meaning the household would only have to pay $2,500 if selected.

Thirty households is just an estimate. Depending on how much money is used, more houses may be selected.

“We have an application form which we will not begin taking applications until march just because at the state level there’s paperwork and things that the mayor has to fill out forms,” said Southeast Alabama Regional Planning & Development Commission Community and Economic Development Director Emily Vanscyoc. “Things we have to do so we’re looking at about march before we begin taking applications.”

Although there has not been a designated area, there are areas the city is looking at as possibilities.

“It’s going to be more of the north central section of Headland kind of those that are from Headland and familiar with it around the middle school then going out Broad Street,” Vanscyoc said.

Mayor Marler said this is good for the town.

“This is $450,000 coming back to our community, and we’re going to put it to good use and try to get some stuff fixed up for, like I said earlier, look for people that couldn’t afford it,” Marler said.

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