Coleman under heat from other congressional candidates


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Congressional candidate Jeff Coleman was asked questions about his moving companies being involved in a fraud that over billed the Department of Defense (DoD) for costs of moving military families to new postings.

At the Houston County Republican Women’s luncheon, two other candidates Jessica Taylor and Terri Hasdorff addressed the issue.

“I’ve continued to ask Jeff for answers myself,” Congressional candidate Jessica Taylor said. ” I’ve met in person with him twice this week, and I presented him Monday in Ozark with a waiver where he could sign it and unseal the files of that case so we can see what his employee said.”

A report on January 17th by’s Kyle Whitmire showed that Coleman’s companies were alleged to have defrauded the government over $700 million.

Later, one of his employees was convicted and sentenced to prison in the case.

Terri Hasdorff wants more information.

“I’m concerned with what I’ve heard,” Congressional candidate Terri Hasdorff said. “I’m still looking into it, I do think it’s troubling. I think that if this is true the voters need to do their homework and do some more research on this, but it does concern me deeply.”

Taylor thinks there shouldn’t be a problem unsealing the files if Coleman has nothing to hide.

“We need to see those materials,” Taylor said. “So, I’ve asked him if he has nothing to hide, he should have no problem signing that release, and he has twice moved and shaked when I’ve asked him to do that. So, Jeff if you’re watching this I would love if you’d sign that piece of paper. The people want the truth.”

WDHN tried to reach out to Jeff Coleman but were unable to contact him.

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