Clayon Dyer could have easily given up, instead he took what God gave him and is using it to minister to others. Sunday it was to a group at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Ozark. Dyer was born without any lower body limbs, no arm on his left and a partial arm on his right and lives by the motto ‘If I can, you can!’

Dyer’s story has had an impact on many people.

 “Mr. Clay has always influenced me, he seems to always have the can-do attitude,” said Jason Jones. “I try to get my boys to pay attention to it. I tell them every time I hear you say ‘I can’t’ I want you to look at Mr. Dyer then tell me you can’t.”

Dyer said that after he was born, the doctors had no medical reason for why he lacked arms or legs. From a young age, he decided it was not going to hold him back.

“What a lot of people preserve as a disability or a handicap with me I tell people those two words are just words to me you are only as disabled or handicap as you allow yourself to be.”

Dyer is married with two stepchildren and three grandchildren with one on the way.  He has traveled on a professional bass fishing tour and has won over 20 titles. Dyer says that he just wants everyone to know that no matter what life puts in front of you if you have faith you can accomplish anything.

“I want to show people that despite what might appear to be diversity or obstacles that when you believe and have faith you can accomplish anything,” said Dyer.

To keep up with Dyer follow his professional fishing page on Facebook or visit his website at CLAYDYER.NET

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