City of Troy begins tornado recovery process


TROY, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Troy is trying to return to a state of normalcy after a tornado ripped through parts of the city.

Sunday morning, Troy residents woke up to tornado warnings and 60 mph winds. In Hunters Mountain, a trailer park located off of Highway 231 North, at least three trailers were lifted from the ground and turned upside down.

On the other side of the city, businesses were damaged as parts of roofs were torn off, power lines were snapped and cars were flipped onto their sides and upside down.

“The National Weather Service was down this morning,” Interim Pike County EMA Director Herbert Reeves said. “He feels like it could have been an EF1 tornado but, until they go back and analyze all the data and the pictures they took, they’ve not made a final determination.”

The city is now working to ensure displaced residents have a place to go, that debris is cleared and that all power is restored as soon as possible.

“We’ve got some people that we’ve got to get relocated — especially at Hunters Mountain,” Reeves said. “(We’re) giving them vouchers for temporary places to stay and giving them some cards to get basic need-type things,” Reeves said. 

Troy is not working on its own, several service organizations have arrived to provide food and volunteers.

Reeves said Troy residents have come together as well. 

“You saw neighbors helping neighbors remove debris and limbs, and everybody was pitching in to try to help everybody and I think it speaks volumes for this community,” Reeves said. 

Despite at least one resident being inside her home when her trailer was turned upside down, no major injuries nor deaths have been reported. 

Volunteers are encouraged to email their information to Herbert Reeves at 

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