Children fight their father to save mom’s life


JACKSON COUNTY, Fl. (WDHN) — A Marianna mother’s three children reportedly fought against their father as he stabbed their mother to death.

According to authorities, Sunday evening, Michael Dodgion (68) was found by his children stabbing his estranged wife, Liya Dodgion (51), inside the couple’s home.

“The children heard the altercation going on, came downstairs, right in the middle of what was going on,” said Jackson County Sheriff Sheriff Lou Roberts III.

When the children (ages 10, 17 and 18) found their parents, they contacted police and began fighting against their father to try to save their mother.

“The injuries he (Dodgion) received were from when the children tried their best to disarm him and prevent him from doing further injuries to their mother,” Roberts told News 18.

Once police arrived, they found the children inside the home along with their deceased mother. Meanwhile, their father had barricaded himself in the house.

Dodgion was removed from the house and taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

“He had some stabbings and lacerations as a result of them (the children) trying to disarm him and protect her,” Roberts said.

Police are now working to keep the children together.

“The oldest child is taking care of the two younger siblings,” Roberts said. “Local churches have stepped up to the plate and were familiar with the family. We’re hoping that at the conclusion of this, that they’ll be able to get some type of closure to this event.”

Dodgion faces an open murder charge.

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