Some Dothan residents experience issues with ‘red water’


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —Lately, Burdeshaw Street residents have been complaining about water issues that cause water discoloration.

This is one result of outdated pipes that causes faucet water to turn red.

Utility officials are working on the Burdeshaw Red Water project to help fix this problem.

“There were many miles in our system that needs to be addressed and now we fund about $1.6 million dollars for red water replacement each year and the Burdeshaw area is just one of those priorities,” civil engineer Lindsay McDonald said.

Back in the 60s and 70s, the city of Dothan grew rapidly, and during that time pipes that were installed had a thinner wall coated with zinc to protect water.

Dothan Utilities’ main water source is groundwater, but over time, those old rusted pipes caused the discoloration issue.

McDonald said iron is naturally found in groundwater, but with no lining for that water because of old pipes, this is why some residents are starting to see that water discoloration.

Another reason this happens is that the zinc coating can make the water aggressive, which will cause iron to leak out leading to water discoloration.

This doesn’t pose a health issue that residents should be concerned about, but McDonald encourages people to reach out when they have problems.

“We always encourage customers if they’re having any types of issues with their water, always reach out to Dothan Utilities so we can send someone out to address the issue for them,” she said.

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