Car stolen from home found by Dothan police, returned to family


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —  A family’s car was stolen right from their driveway Saturday night, and the way the thieves were able to get in the car is a commonly made mistake.

The family discovered once the vehicle was stolen that they had accidentally left a key inside. 

The 2017 Ford Expedition was stolen right from their driveway in the Stonebridge neighborhood. Brannon Woodall said that he and his wife forgot to lock their doors and left the keys in the car. 

“We were getting ready to go to church and had the babies and everybody dressed and walk out, and the car’s gone,” Woodall said. “I thought it was April Fools, but it was March 31, so it wasn’t April 1. I called a bunch of people asking if they were messing with me, and it wasn’t a prank, so then I called the cops, and we figured out that it was stolen.”

Woodall said that his family is happy their car is back, but it’s weird knowing someone else was driving in it and that not having it for a couple of days was an inconvenience for his family.

“We’ve got twin one-year-olds,” Woodall said. “We’ve got a 9-year-old girl, all three girls, so that’s what they go to and from school, and running errands, grocery store whatever. Mother-in-law had to stay just so my wife’s not at home without a car.”

The car, which was seen driving around Dothan Monday afternoon, was located by the Dothan Police Department and returned to the family.

“We got the Ring video camera and will definitely not be leaving the keys in the car anymore or unlocked,” Woodall said. “Just going to be a lot more careful locking doors and turning alarms on.”

However, the person who took the car was able to get away before Dothan police could make an arrest.

Woodall said he hopes the Dothan police officers are able to find the person who did this and wants to remind everyone to lock their car before leaving it.

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