Business picking up in City of Elba


ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — The City of Elba has started to see business growth amid revitalization efforts throughout the city.

“They’ve redone a lot of the old buildings that had been sitting there almost since the floods of the nineties,” said My Happy Place store owner, Millie McCollough.

With several new businesses popping up, including both chain stores and locally-owned operations, more growth has seemingly come to the city.

“This is a main thoroughfare, east to west,” McCollough said. “I think there are a lot of really good opportunities for people.”

Not only have new businesses come to town; some of Elba’s established businesses have started to expand.

“I knew when I first opened that this was kind of my vision to have a one-stop spot with lots of different things,” McCollough said. “It’s a small town and there were a lot of niches, if you will, that hadn’t been filled.”

Business owners are not the only ones recognizing the city’s latest revitalization efforts. With restoration projects happening specifically in the downtown area (such as the refurbishing of the old theater and the creation of a free Wi-Fi hotspot) residents have also started to take notice.

“Elba is a nice place to live,” said local resident Joe Thomas. “The council is doing some changes and bringing in more business and I think it’s going to be looking up in the near future.”

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